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ALPhA’s Laboratory Immersions

ALPhA’s Immersions are supported by the National Science Foundation, Grant No. 1122993.

Great news: ALPhA's Immersion Registration fee has been reduced to $100 from $350 for the 2017 season. Register to now to take advantage of this bargain.


Important Note

Please use this page to register for ALPhA’s 2017 Laboratory Immersions. Space is limited to only a few participants per experiment, with priority given as described below. Registration is otherwise based on a first-to-register, first-to-reserve-a-space basis. Beginning this year, registration fees will be collected by the AAPT. The AAPT website is not ready to accept payment; when it is, we will alert you and provide a 10-day grace period within which you must pay for your registered Immersions or potentially lose your space. The AAPT website is expected to be available in April. Requests for exceptions to this rule may be granted in advance; please make a note in the "Supplementary Information" box below or email at any time for any special situations that may arise.

Laboratory Immersion Choices

Select the session or sessions that you wish to register for:

 Session NameSession DateLocationRegistration Fee
Quantum Mechanics Experiments with Single Photons and Entangled Photons June 6–8, 2017 Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA $350 $100
Blackbody Radiation; the Photoelectric Effect; Interference and Diffraction; the Hall Effect; and Spectroscopy of Hydrogen and Deuterium June 12–16, 2017 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI $350 $100
Experiments on Photon Quantum Mechanics Experiments
FULL!—register if you’d like to be put on a wait-list in case space opens up.
June 13–15, 2017 Colgate University, Hamilton, NY $350 $100
Physics of Medicine and the Human Body, or June 19–21, 2017 Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore, MD $350 $100
Programming the LabQuest mini with LabVIEW
Low Cost Ultrafast Optics with a Fiber Laser June 21–23, 2017 Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA $350 $100
Nano-Plasmonics and Surface Enhanced Ramon Spectroscopy
FULL!—register if you’d like to be put on a wait-list if space opens up.
Electrodynamic Ion Trapping, or June 21–23, 2017 Caltech, Pasadena, CA $350 $100
Precision Measurements using Laser Interferometry, or
FFT, Filtering, and Feedback Control, or
Small Signal Detection with Lock-Ins, or
Mastering the Digital Oscilloscope
Hydrogen Fine Structure June 29–July 1, 2017 University of Washington,Seattle, WA $350 $100
Hanle Effect - Excited States Lifetime
Extending the Franck-Hertz Experiment
NMR Spectroscopy Off-Resonance
Earth’s Field NMR, or July 9–12, 2017 Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY, USA $350 $100
Pulsed NMR and 1-D Imaging, or
Noise Fundamentals, or
Diode Laser Spectroscopy, or
Harmonic Motion—Torsionally, or
High TC Superconductivity, or
Mössbauer Spectroscopy, or
New Exp. in Condensed Matter Physics (5 days)
FULL!—register if you’d like to be put on a wait-list if space opens up.
July 9–14, 2017 Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY, USA $350 $100
Muon Lifetime, Relativistic Electron Energy and Momentum, and Electron Spin Resonance
July 14–16, 2017 University of Chicago, Chicago, IL $350 $100
Mechanical Chaotic Oscillator July 17–19, 2017 CSU-Chico, Chico, CA $350 $100
Low Cost Plasma Physics: Electrical Breakdown and the Paschen Curve, or July 18–20, 2017 Princeton Plasman Physics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ $350 $100
Low Cost Plasma Physics: Spectroscopy, or
Low Cost Plasma Physics: Plasma Probes and the Electron Temperature, or
Arduinos for the Advanced Lab, or July 27–29, 2017 IPFW, Fort Wayne, IN $350 $100
Faraday Rotation with AC Fields and Lock-Ins, or
Programmable Systems on a Chip for the Advanced Laboratory

The registration fee of $350 $100 includes lunch and one evening meal. Travel and housing costs are the responsibility of the participants. Housing information will be forthcoming. If you have any special requests, such as for food (e.g. want vegan entrees or have allergies) or for a disability (e.g. need wheelchair accessibility or assistive listening devices) please mention them in the box below:

Personal and Professional Information


Your laboratory teaching assignment(s): Because the ALPhA Immersions were created to help faculty and instructional staff learn new laboratory experiments, registration priority is given to participants with teaching assignments that include laboratories beyond the first year of college instruction. For 2017, higher priority is given to those who were on a wait list in 2016. Other registrants will be placed on a waiting list until the ‘open registration’ period begins. At that point, open slots will be filled on a ‘first paid, first served’ basis. Please tell us about the laboratory class(es) you will be teaching and how you plan to utilize your Immersion experience with the class(es):

Cancellation Policy

A participant who withdraws from a confirmed spot in an Immersion three months or more prior to the start of the Immersion will receive a full refund. A participant who withdraws from a confirmed spot less than three months before the Immersion begins, however, is not guaranteed a refund.

I have read and agree to the 2017 Immersions Cancellation Policy

Supplemental Information for ALPhA

If they delay in accepting payment is problematic, or if there is another factor we should consider, please let us know in the following box:

When you click on the submit button, your registration information will be sent to ALPhA. Once the AAPT website is available, we will contact you with directions on submitting payment.