The Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation

Providing financial support for endeavors in the Advanced Physics Laboratory

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In ALPhA's surveys, both formal and informal, of the state of the advanced laboratory, a common issue comes to the fore: many institutions lack the financial wherewithall to purchase equipment for the advanced laboratories. To meet this need, Jonathan F. Reichert, founder and CEO of Teachspin, Inc., has created a foundation to to provide such financial support. In particular, the Foundation will support the ALPhA Laboratory Immersions and the ALPhA Miners program, and is open to suggestions for other programs that will support the advanced laboratory.

Financial Support for ALPhA‘s Laboratory Immersions

At the inaugural meeting of the Foundation Board, September 2014, it was unanimously decided that the first activity of the Foundation would be to provide help with the purchase of the apparatus used in the various Immersions. That is, faculty who complete an Immersion on a given advanced laboratory apparatus, will now have the opportunity to apply for a Foundation grant that will provide up to 40% (with a maximum of $7500) of the cost of the hardware used in the experiment. For the fiscal year 2015, a total of $35,000 in grant money will be awarded.

Complete details about the grant applications, restrictions, and criteria are on the Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation's webpage. Of particular note, the grants will not fund the purchase of “short-lived” devices such as computers, data loggers, and the like. In addition, the grant applicant must have completed an Immersion experience, and application may be submitted after the Immersion.

Financial Support for “ALPhA Miners”

An ALPhA Miner is a faculty or staff person who is or was involved in advanced laboratory instruction, and who has been selected by ALPhA, in cooperation with the Foundation, to attend an APS meeting with the express purpose of attending sessions and speaking with presenters about possible ways to bring their current experimental research into the advanced laboratory program. This might include requesting a formal collaboration or asking the research group to make special samples available, or share designs, special equipment, or electronic instrumentation—whatever cooperation/collaboration the Miners can extract from their colleagues to make it possible for a non-expert to build and/or teach experiments related to that experimental research.

Additional details and an application to be an ALPhA miner may be found at on the Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation website.

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Additional support for the Advanced Laboratory from Jonathan F. Reichert, his wife, and Teachspin includes the AAPT/ALPhA award and the Jonathan F. Reichert and Barbara Wolff-Reichert Award for Excellence in Advanced Laboratory Instruction. There is little excuse today for not developing advanced laboratory experiments of the highest interest and quality!