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Information about Regions


There are 17 regions in ALPhA. There is a region for the different continents (6 Regions), a region in Canada, and regions in the United States based on the APS sections (10 Regions). The APS map below shows the division of the 10 Regions in the US. ALPhA members can select the Region that makes the most sense for them when they renew their membership.

Purpose of Regions

The goal of Regions is to create a local community of advanced lab instructors that can support one another. This community can act locally to share resources, write grants, or advocate for particular programs. Regions also will hold local Regional meetings that will allow for interaction with instructors that might not have enough resources to travel to a national location. If you are a new instructor, a good place to start is to contact your local Regional Director.

Contacting your Regional Director

Visit our Contacts page for a list of the Regional Directors in each Region.

Information for Regional Directors

Job Description:  Regional Directors are appointed by the ALPhA Board of Directors to serve on the ad-hoc Committee on Regions. Besides attending yearly phone/skype meetings of the Committee on Regions, the Regional Director's job is to serve as a contact for members in their Region and to fill out a yearly Regional Report. Regional Directors in the US will also organize a Regional Meeting at least once in the three interim years between the BFY conference.

Resources:  Regional Directors have direct contact to the leadership of ALPhA through meetings of the Committee on Regions. Regional Directors in the US who organize a Regional Meeting will receive funds from ALPhA for this purpose. All Regional Directors will have access to the membership information for ALPhA Members in their Region, an email directory of schools in their Region, information on how to run a Regional Meeting, and information for how to fill out the yearly Regional Report. Regional Directors can also access the Information for Regional Directors.

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